Let’s choose our SAC Mascot!

The first step in selecting our new mascot is to gather your recommendations about what our new mascot should be. Please review the criteria below and submit your mascot recommendation.  Only one recommendation per person please. This survey will close at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, February 15, 2021. 

The mascot you recommend should:
  ¤ Unify our SAC family and community
  ¤ Represent positive qualities, ideas, or associations around which the community can rally
  ¤ Be gender-neutral (must not be obviously male or female)
  ¤ Be representative of the SAC experience, values or history
  ¤ Be able to stand the test of time (not trendy)
  ¤ Not be associated with one specific ethnic group, race, or culture
  ¤ Not represent a person, group, or idea that oppresses a disenfranchised group
  ¤ Not be the same as a mascot utilized by another institution of higher education in the greater San Antonio area

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*Which of these best describes your primary role
Why is this mascot a good fit for San Antonio College?  How does this mascot represent San Antonio College, our values or our broader San Antonio community and culture?  (up to 500 characters)